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Guide to Issues Concerning Your Water Utility

For the benefit of visitors to the site, we prepared a detailed and clear guide concerning issues affecting the water supply to your home:

              * Changing the holders of the residence
* Updating the number of residents and why it is important
* Application to inspect the water bill
* How to pay the water bill

What is a water corporation?
The water corporation - is the company in charge of supplying water and sewage services and is responsible for the development, expansion, operation and maintenance of a municipality’s water, sewage and drainage networks. In Israel today, there are 55 water corporations.
The water bill is issued every two months based on the meter reading and is sent to the consumer’s mailbox or email address. For how to pay the bill, see the end of this Guide. Delaying payment will incur linkage and interest charges and may even start legal proceedings against you. 
Since every corporation has its own application forms, to find the form appropriate for you, click here for the list of corporations and their websites. We can also provide you with any form you need.
New! at Gichon company who supplies water to Jerusalem residents: You can get your invoice in four languages besides Hebrew — English, Russian, Amharit and Arabic.  All you have to do is call a Gichon company representative, and ask for the bill to be sent to you in the language you prefer.

Changing holders:
If you bought or sold a property or if you left or entered a rental property, both the one who entered or departed the property must notify the water company in writing.

Please note! Failure to give notification that one left the property might result in being charged for future water bills.
The documents needed to change holders

If you bought or sold a property:

               1. Fill out a change holders form. You can get a sample form at our office or click here for links to the list of water corporation websites.
2.  The sale agreement (first and last page), signed by both parties (seller and buyer).
3.  A copy of both parties’ ID card (included attached slip) or passport.

If you left or entered a rented property :

1. Fill out a change holders form. You can get a sample form at our office or click here for links to the list of water corporation websites.
2. The rental lease (first and last pages) signed by both parties (landlord and tenant).
3. A copy of both parties’ ID card (included attached slip) or passport. 
Important! If you left a property and asked to have your name removed from the water bill, the water corporation will change the bill to the name of the property owner (landlord) stipulated in the rental contract unless the new renter submits a Changing Holder’s document on his own name with the documents listed above. The new bill be listed on the name of the new renter only after he submits his forms.
The one leaving the property has to leave his contact information in the water company’s office so they can settle any outstanding charges if such occur.

Updating the number of residents in a property and why it is important to do it:
The number of people living in a housing unit is automatically set at two, even if only one lives there.
The monthly charge for residential housing is based on charging each person for 3.5 cubic meters of water at the low price of 6.552 shekels (includes VAT) per cubic meter. Beyond this allowance, each additional cubic meter of water used is charged at the higher rate of 12.40 shekels (includes VAT).  
If there are a larger number of people living in the property, it is the consumer’s responsibility to update the water company of the number of people so they will receive more cubic meters of water at the lower rate. 
The documents needed to update the number of people.

                                                                                        1. Fill out the Update Persons form. One can get a sample form at our office or click here for links to the list of water corporation websites.
2. A copy of your ID card and the enclosed slip that lists all those living in the property (children under the age of 18 appear in the parents' slip). Usually, the Water Authority automatically updates the persons living in the property if they are registered as living there in the Population Registry. If the applicant is not registered in the property in the Population Registry, he must attach any document confirming his connection to the property, such as a rental contract or property tax bill. He must also furnish proof that he is not receiving a double discount by presenting authorization from the water supplier in the locale where he is registered in the Population Register that they did not register him as a consumer who is residing in the property.
Holders of foreign passports who wish to update the number of persons in their apartment must attach a copy of their passport with a valid visa. If the holder of the foreign passport is in a property leased from an Israeli citizen, he should also attach a document such as a rental contract certifying that he is living in the property. 

Remember! Upon expiry of the visa, the name of the foreign passport holder will be automatically removed from the property and he will lose his entitlement to the low tariff.

A foreign worker must attach an affidavit authenticated by an attorney regarding the place of his residence, or the slip of the identity card of the one who is licensed to employ him under the Foreign Workers Law, -1991.

Some people are entitled by the Bituach Leumi, Defense Ministry and Authority for Holocaust Survivors to receive a discount for their water bill. These ministries will notify the water corporations of these individuals’ eligibility.

Excessive water consumption due to leakage:
If your water system had a leak and you had to pay a higher rate of water due to excessive consumption of water, you can fill out a form to get special consideration for the leak including the lower rate for the excessive charge. One must provide proof of the leak such as a receipt from a plumber for fixing the leak within six months of the bill you want a discount for. The credit will appear in your next water bill. One can get a sample form at our office or click here for links to the list of water corporation websites.
Please note: Water companies have to report to the consumer if their bill exceeds 130% of their average monthly charge for the past 6 bills (the previous year).

Application to inspect your water bill:
If you want to appeal the amount of your water bill because it doesn’t seem reasonable and you suspect that there was a malfunctioning in the water meter (rather than leakage), you can fill out the appeal (arichas birur) form up to thirty days of the payment date of the bill you are disputing. One can get a sample form at our office or click here for links to the list of water corporation websites.
The water corporation is obligated to inspect the problem and tell the consumer within 14 days of receiving his request what their inspection showed and what actions were taken to correct the situation. If he was found in error, he will be charged a fixed fee for the inspection.

How to pay your water bill:
You can pay your water bill in one of the following ways. We are showing here how to pay the water bill of the Gichon company. to find out how to pay other water corporations Click here.

1.  Go to the post office nearest your home with the water bill that was sent to you. Payment may be made with cash only. (It is also possible to go to the Gihon company office in your area.)
2.  By telephone, with a service representative. Dial 02-5651111 (Sunday - Thursday 8:00- 20:00, on Friday to 13:00).
Then press 1 # 2 #, then press the seven-digit contract number and * (optional), 2 #. (You can also pay through a computerized voice response).
When the representative answers, you’ll have to give the account number, the client number (optional), the account holder name and his ID number which appears on the bill and your credit card information. After the payment is confirmed, you may ask that an authorization of your payment be sent to your residence.
3.  At the Gihon web site. For the link,click here.
To pay at the site, you have to enter the contract number and customer number found on the water bill.
4.  Monthly direct debit from a bank account, by completing and submitting a form approved by the Bank. To download the form, click here. 

Note : In the case that the water was disconnected, or a lien put on your bank account and your water bill is not being paid, please contact the call center to reconnect the water connection, and/or remove the lien on your bank account, whichever is relevant.

Contact information:
Israel has 56 different water corporations whose role is to provide water and sewage services to the municipalities. The corporation is also responsible for collecting water bills. For the list of water corporations and their websites, click here.
Hagihon Ltd Jerusalem Water & Waste Water Works Corporation

Important ! Any time you contact Gihon, make sure you have the contract number which appears on the invoice, and the account owner’s identity card.
Reception hours: Main office: 101 Derech Hevron, Jerusalem. Beit Umot Building, 2nd floor. Sunday to Thursday between 8:00-18:00, Friday between 8:00-13:00.
Or 1 Safra Square (municipality building), Jerusalem. Entrance level. Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday between 8:00-13:00. Wednesday between 15:00-18:00.
One can call from all mobile phone networks to: *2070.
Telephone inquiries: 02-5651111, or 122223450
Inquiries by fax: 02-5651294 or 15325651111
Mail: Gihon Ltd., Beit Umot building, 101 Hebron Road Street, Jerusalem, or POB 10118, Jerusalem 91100.

Public relations :

Fax: 02 5651193.
Questions and Answers:
I received a much larger water bill than usual. What should I do
First you need to be sure there is no leakage. If there is, fill out an application form asking for a special credit due to leakage. See the Guide.
If I had a water leak at home and received a large water bill because of it, what can I do
If you found a leak, fill out an application form for a special credit due to leakage. See the Guide.
I do not have a leak but I still had a large bill
Perhaps it was due to the high water consumption of the house committee which is divided between all the neighbors. If not, fill out the appeal form. Refer to the Guide.
I left an apartment. How do I remove my name from the water bill
Fill out a change holders form, and present it along with a copy of your ID.
I entered an apartment. How do I register my name on the water bill
Fill out a change holders form, and present it along with your rental lease and a copy of your ID.
I received a bill, part of which was charged the high rate. What should I do
You must make sure that the number of persons appearing in the water account matches the actual number of persons living in the property. To add people, refer to the Guide. If there is a leak, refer to the Guide.
How can I get my water bill
The bill comes once every two months in the mail. You can ask in addition to receive it by email. Or contact customer service at *2070 with your contract number, account holder information and ID number.
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