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Government connections

We have allocated an entire department to deal with government and municipal bodies and connect between them for the benefit of foreign citizens and immigrants during their initial absorption in Israel.

Government offices where we are active on behalf of the population of foreign citizens and with whom we are in constant contact, are; the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, and municipal authorities.

Our circle of friends and associates in the Israeli government are increasing, and we are proud and thankful for the substantial perceptual changes and breakthroughs we were able to effect in a variety of issues that needed change.

Our goal is to obtain cooperation and recognition from government organizations, and be recognized as a benevolent organization that connects foreign citizens with government offices. We hope that this productive cooperation will cause our fellow Jews in the Diaspora to return to their natural home.

Government connections
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