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Guide to Obtaining American Passport for a Newborn in Jerusalem

How does one set up an appointment at the Consulate? 
A .  Send an email to the American Consulate to arrange an appointment at
B .  You are able to request a specific date. If you need an emergency appointment you need to send a request to you must explain in the email that it is an "emergency".
.  Specify what services you want an appointment for, (birth certificate, social security, passport) it's worthwhile to apply for all of them for a new child.
D .  Send the first and last name of parents, and their passport numbers.
E.  The name of the child and his/her date of birth.
.  Leave your contact details (phone, email) so they can get back to you.
G .  Fill out and attach only the first 2 of 7 pages of the "Application for Consular Report of Birth Abroad" (Form DS-2029) with your request email. You can get a sample form at our office or download it here. 
They will get back to you after 2 business day with the date of the appointment.
If the date is not good for you, send a new email with a request for a new date.
What does one need to bring to the appointment? 
A .  Print, complete and sign the Checklist for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad. This will also help confirm that you are bringing all required documents. You can get a sample form at our office or download it here.
B.  A completed Application for Consular Report of Birth Abroad (Form DS-2029) – If there are multiple applicants, each one must have a separate application. You can get a sample form at our office or download it here.
C.  A completed Application for US Passport (Form DS-11) for each person applying for a passport. You can get a sample form at our office or download it here.
D.  If you are also applying for Social Security Number, complete the Social Security Application (Form SS-5) To print, click here. You can get a sample form at our office or download it here.
E.  Passport photo of applicant. 2in x 2in, on a white background.
F.  Original birth certificate of each applicant from the Misrad Hapnim. It must be a government issued birth certificate; a hospital birth record is not acceptable. For example, click here.
G.  Photo IDs for both parents. This may be a passport, driver license, or government issued ID. You must bring IDs for both parents, even if only one parent is at the appointment.
H.  Proof of parents' US citizenship: Current and expired passports and Certificate of Naturalization, if applicable.
I.  The parents' original Marriage Certificate, or certified copy (If applicable)
J.  Non-refundable application fee, $100-$135, depending on child's age. Cash (dollars or shekels) or any credit cards which are accepted in the US, are valid for payment. 
Bring along 2 copies of all the forms and documents to the appointment.
Do not sign any of the documents.
If the wife's last name is not the same as the husband's the consulate will give you a special form to fill out.
Contact information: 
The U.S. Consulate Office in Jerusalem:
14 David Flusser, Jerusalem 9378322 For a map, click here.
Phone: 02-630-4000
Fax: 02-630-4070
The U.S. Embassy Office in Tel Aviv:
71 HaYarkon Street, Tel Aviv 6343229
Phone: 03-519-7475 
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