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Guide to Receive Israeli Marriage Confirmation

What is an marriage confirmation?

A marriage confirmation is an official confirmation that one was married according to Jewish law through one of the following ways: a wedding ceremony performed by a rabbi abroad or a wedding ceremony arranged by a private rabbi in Israel.

Why do I need an Israeli marriage confirmation?
There are many situations where one needs to confirm one’s married status by providing an original wedding certificate, such as: to get an A/4 (accompanying family member) visa from the Interior Ministry for first degree family members of an A/2 visa holder (a student), to become a member of Bituach Leumi, and to get a low income discount on one’s property. (A kesubah is insufficient for this purpose).
If the couple weren’t able to officially register their marriage abroad before they arrived in Israel, a marriage confirmation from the Israeli rabbinate will serve the same purpose.

What should I do to get a wedding confirmation?

You should open a "marriage confirmation file" in the Rabbinical Beis Din secretariat in the area where you live. To find the beis din closest to where you live, click here.

The documents required for registering your marriage. Click here to print

1.  Show a passport from the country where you reside. If one of the couple is an Israeli citizen, you have to show his/her ID (and a copy).
2.  Confirmation in Hebrew from the rabbi who presided over your marriage (which includes a confirmation that you are Jewish) or from the rabbi of your community in your home country. They must be recognized by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel for the purpose of granting a marriage confirmation.
3.  Your kesubah signed by the rabbi who arranged your chuppah and kiddushin + a copy.
4.  Details of the rabbi who conducted your chuppah and kiddushin (including his telephone).
5. Pay the Beis Din secretariat the fee stipulated by the law (NIS 250).
6.  Provide three updated passport photos of the couple.
7.  Fill out the personal information form provided by the secretariat of the Beis Din. 
After you submitted all the required documents, the Beis Din will examine the correctness of the information in the declaration made by each of the applicants. After warning them about the penalties stipulated in law if their declaration is false and having them sign the file concerning the above-mentioned information, the rabbinical judges will compare their details, determine their authenticity, and afterwards issue them a marriage authorization.

Please note : It can take up to two months to be processed.

Contact information:

Rabbinical courts  
In the area of Jerusalem:
Jerusalem District Rabbinical Court, Address: 4 Am V’olamo, Jerusalem.
Hours: Sunday through Thursday, between 8:30-13:30.

To find the batei din near your home,
click here.

Questions and Answers:
Why would I need an Israeli marriage confirmation
To obtain an A / 4 (companion) visa at the Ministry of Interior for the immediate family of an A / 2 (student), and to register in Bituach Leumi, one requires an original marriage certificate (not a kesubah).
Do I require a marriage certificate to get an Israeli marriage confirmation
A kesubah is not sufficient.
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