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The Guide for a Returning Minor

For the benefit of visitors to the site, we prepared a detailed and clear guide concerning who is considered a returning minor, and how to obtain this status and its benefits. A returning minor is considered an immigrant and receives the same benefits as an immigrant.

Who is considered a returning minor:
A returning minor - is an Israeli minor who left Israel with his parents (or the parent who has custody over him) before he was 14 years old, lived abroad for at least four consecutive years and would have been entitled to immigrant status under the Law of Return if he had not been an Israeli citizen. He can apply for returning minor status only if he returns to Israel when he is 17 years of age or older.
His returning minor status is conditional on his parents not having lived abroad for five years for the purpose of representing or working for the State of Israel government, or working for a private or public Israeli employer or a business registered outside of Israel that is controlled and managed in Israel or whose business name is identical to the name of a corporation that was registered in the past in Israel or whose business name is identical (or basically identical) to the name of the company where they worked in Israel - prior to his return to Israel. 
A returning minor may visit during the four years prior to his application for returning minor status for a period of up to four months in each calendar year, and is also entitled to additional special visits, such as studies in a recognized institution for up to one year and regular service in the IDF, on condition that he lived at least a total of 48 months abroad.

How to obtain returning minor status:
In order to obtain a "Returning Minor's document" from the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption, the following documents should be submitted to the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption nearest to your place of residence, or the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption’s website:
1. A valid Israeli identity card with a photocopy.
2. A passport proving you left Israel before you were 14 years old and also your parent's passport (even if it expired) proving that the family left Israel before you were 14 years old.
3.Documents proving your continuous residence abroad, as well as documents proving your parents’ continuous residence abroad when you were between the ages of 14 and 18 (or 13 to 17) such as: foreign and Israeli passports, documents from high school, a rental lease, utility bills, graduation certificate, letters of employment, tax documents, insurance documents, etc.
4. Official documents of your parents' place of employment in the five years prior to filing your application: such as tax documents, official letters from work, accounting statements for the self-employed, etc. (This is not relevant to applicants over the age of 25.) If they are no longer working, Social Security forms showing this should be presented.
5. Document showing you opened a bank account in Israel to which the State can transfer your benefits.
6. If you have studied at a recognized institution in Israel for up to one year, or a Jewish Agency program (such as MASA), an official letter from the institution or program you attended that includes your name, passport / ID number and the exact dates when you were there.

Benefits for a Returning Minor:

*  National Insurance registration immediately without a waiting period
Customs benefits - click here
Ministry of Immigration and Absorption benefits - click here


Ministry of Immigration and Absorption Information hotline 03-9733333

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